Hi, I'm Abhijit Kapuria

Learner by Birth, Marketer by Heart, Consultant by Passion, Entrepreneur by Profession, Trainer by Nature & Volunteer at the core. I am on a mission to create 10000 Future Ready Digital Marketer who can help others to grow.

A Little Back Story...

Born & Raise in an Indian urban town Burdwan, West Bengal. 

My father was in a Lower position of the Health Department of State Government. 

Completed my schooling from Burdwan CMS High School and Commerce Graduation from Burdwan Raj College.

Since the beginning, my interest was Sales & Marketing, scope of huge growth. meeting new people and visiting new places. 

So I started working with one of the Prestigious Multinational Merchandise Bank

After spending around 8 years I shifted to a Multinational Software Development Company to work in Digital Marketing. 

Started helping Small & Medium Businesses with Marketing Ideas and Suggestion out of passion.

During my Job, I completed my Professional MBA specialised in International Marketing & Branding from All India Management Association.

Through out my career I took few Certification Program to Boost my career. 

It All Started Back In 2012 With A Borrowed Capital And A Fiery Hunger (The Incessant Type) To Find My Place In The World.

But unfortunately, not only the first but I lost my second, third and fourth ventures continuously.

Not Only I Lost All My Capital But Also Lost All My Savings.

I understood that the problem lay somewhere else because the Marketing was good, SAAP [Service as a Product] was also good, the design was good everything was good.

But I failed miserably to deliver due to poor knowledge of HR.

I found my strength and started consulting and Implementing Marketing Plan for other Business Organisations.

I designed an affordable but complete online solution for Small & Medium Businesses to go online named Indian Business Go Online [IBGO].

Shortly it proved helpful for many Business organizations, and within a span of 3 years more than 6000 Indian Businesses adopt this plan and took their business online.

During 2014-22 I helped more than 1200 Indian Businesses & Startups to scale their business to a new high.