Hi, I'm Abhijit Kapuria

Learner by Birth, Marketer by Heart, Consultant by Passion, Entrepreneur by Profession, Trainer by Nature & Volunteer at the core.

We help you cut through the online marketing noise so you can start growing your brand confidently.

A Little Back Story...

Born & Raise in an Indian urban Town Bardhaman, West Bengal. I am not from a Business Background. My father was in a Lower position of the Health Department of State Government. Completed my schooling and college from Government Running School & College under Bardhaman University.

Since the beginning, I was more interested in the field of Sales & Marketing due to the huge scope of meeting new people and visiting new places. So I started working with one of the most Prestigious Multinational Merchandise Banks. After spending around 8 years I shifted to a Multinational Software Development Company to work in Digital Marketing.
During my 1st Marketing Job, I completed my Professional MBA in International Marketing & Branding from AIMA. 

In fact, I wasn’t “the entrepreneurial type” at all.
It all started back in 2012 with a borrowed capital and a fiery hunger
(the incessant type) to find my place in the world
and make my family proud. 

But unfortunately, my first venture was a huge loss.
Not only I lost all my capital but also lost all my savings.

People often ask me how I got my start,
so here’s a little sneak peek of my story.

During my Journey, I found that most Indian Business owners or Entrepreneurs are spending on Development and manufacturing but do not concentrate on the Marketing of Products and Brands.

I already helped many business organisations [like District Yellow Pages, Efra Halal, Sri Mahalaxmi Gems & Jewellers,] to scale their online business with limited resources.