Hi, I'm Abhijit Kapuria

Learner by Birth, Marketer by Heart, Consultant by Passion, Entrepreneur by Profession, Trainer by Nature & Volunteer at the core. I am on a mission to create 10000 Future Ready Digital Marketer who can help others to grow.

A Little Back Story...

Born & Raise in an Indian urban town Burdwan, West Bengal. 

Since the beginning, my interest was Sales & Marketing, scope of huge growth. meeting new people and visiting new places. 

So I started working with one of the Prestigious Multinational Merchandise Bank

After spending around 8 years I shifted to a Multinational Software Development Company to work in Digital Marketing. 


My intention from the very begining was helping Small & Medium Entreprenuers to Boost their business with my understanding of Marketing, Personal Branding & Grwoth Hacking.

During my Job, I completed my Professional MBA specialised in International Marketing & Branding from All India Management Association.

Through out my career I took few Certification Program to Boost my career. 

It All Started Back In 2012 With A Borrowed Capital And A Fiery Hunger (The Incessant Type) To Find My Place In The World.

But unfortunately, not only the first but I lost my second, third and fourth ventures continuously.

Not Only I Lost All My Capital But Also Lost All My Savings.

I understood that the problem lay somewhere else because the Marketing was good, SAAP [Service as a Product] was also good, the design was good everything was good.

But I failed miserably to deliver due to poor knowledge of HR.

I found my strength and started consulting and Implementing Marketing Plan for other Business Organisations.

I designed an affordable but complete online solution for Small & Medium Businesses to go online named Indian Business Go Online [IBGO].

Shortly it proved helpful for many Business organizations, and within a span of 3 years more than 6000 Indian Businesses adopt this plan and took their business online.

During 2014-22 I helped more than 1200 Indian Businesses & Startups to scale their business to a new high.