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Hi! I am a Marketing Professional with more than 22 years of rich experience in Strategy Planning, Marketing, Business Development with Franchisee Management & Marketing Network Development, Brand Management. Presently working on improving traffic and conversions for multiple small & medium business organisation.

I designed this comprehensive  Online digital marketing course, which helps you master the subject in theory and practical.

This course includes website designing, Search engine optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management, Pay Per Click Ads, Instagram, YouTube and many more. We deliver digital marketing training in online mode. 3 online live classes and 3 problem discussion every week.

I believe in practical oriented training, so I help students with practical examples and assignments in the training course.

Here are the key reasons for which people take our Digital Marketing Course:

  • Marketing Professionals: Upskilling
  • Professionals in Other Roles: Upskilling, Career Shift, Freelancing
  • Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: Promote Business, Manage Agency
  • Digital Marketing Professionals: Career Growth
  • Students & Freshers: Job, Freelancing

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is a marketing approach to promote a business on various digital platforms. The primary goal of digital marketing is to reach our target audience based on their demographics, behaviours and interests to generate brand awareness, traffic and leads. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective marketing strategy with high ROI compared with traditional marketing. The goal of our Digital Marketing course in Hyderabad is to make your expert in digital marketing strategies.

The digital marketing industry in India is worth $68 billion! The Digital Marketing industry is seeing exponential growth in India. It is evident both from statistical figures and otherwise. With e-commerce businesses expanding, it is but natural that the digital marketing industry is also growing. Today, you will find companies offering digital marketing services everywhere – it’s easy to find a digital marketing company in Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, and in fact in every nook and corner of the country.


Hi, This is Abhijit Kapuria! I am a Marketing Professional with more than 22 years of rich experience in Strategy Planning, Marketing, Business Development with Franchisee Management & Marketing Network Development, Brand Management. Presently working on improving traffic and conversions for websites. Critical thinker & adept negotiator who can apply extensive knowledge of the industry towards creating value for customers, facilitate achievement of revenue & profit growth for the organization. Spearheading initiatives towards realigning the focus in the Branded Consumer Market on factors like steering change, creating brand identity, quality services.

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  • Sourav Jain

    A Join-hand to create 2nd source of Income

    Since the COVID-19 Pandemic started I was desperately looking for an alternate option to earn some more money. I was searching option in Digital Marketing, but don't wanted to go to the market in search of clients. At that point of time I came across this course which was referred by some of my friend. Though the course fees is on bit-higher side, but still consider giving it a try. After attending 1st 10 classes it was clear to me, that this is not a conventional class training. This is completely different. Daily work, hands-on training, implementing all in our own website, daily practice, sharing in group and many others. when I completed my 25 classes, that was the 1st day I received a call from one of my friend who shows interest to promote his business through my website. And after a few days my Google AdSense also get approved. This course is really. Though there are few more class are left for me. But it is a life changing experience for me. Thank you Abhijit Kapuria for your support.
  • Zeba Bakhtiar

    A great journey of learning

    Abhijit Kapuria is passionate about our success and his mission. So far, I have really found my specific and exact problems are addressed and getting solved. My hunger for a solution/direction is being addressed (although I have become even more hungrier now for more!). Most comprehensive framework, extreme clarity in Abhijit Kapuria, direct interaction/delivery approach, right pacing of sessions and sequencing of topics so that I can grasp and see the journey so far. Waiting for more from Abhijit Kapuria
  • Sultana Begum

    Easy to follow

    Course & content is Highly simplified - talks about the kind of work Abhijit has put in. More important, the content is very simple to follow step-by-step for any person and designed for success. More than that Abhijit Kapuria and his team is very genuine, authentic & supportive. You can grow as a Successful Business Person along with Abhijit Kapuria. He is always available for your support. All these are my personal experience thorugh out the journey in last 6 months. Thanks Abhijit for your support.
  • M Suraiya

    Best Digital Marketing Course [Learn & Earn]

    In my opinion, Abhijit Kapuria is one of the best digital marketing trainer in India. In this course, he has given in-depth knowledge about how to set up a blog from scratch. A lot of technical guidance is also there which is impossible to find anywhere else. His simple and step by step method of teaching create an enjoyable learning environment. I must say, the quality and depth of teaching are better than any other institute considering the price of the courses. He also shared marketing strategy lessons which will help to be an entrepreneur in digital marketing industry. I am thankful for his efforts in spreading digital marketing wisdom he has acquired over the years for so little compensation. Keep going Abhijit Kapuria.
  • Vatsala Prabhakar

    The best introduction to Digital Marketing

    I've learned a lot from this course although it took time for me to finished it because there is so much information presented in this course. And obviously this course helped to create my own Kitchen Blog. Abhijit Kapuria has a talent for teaching beside his skill in Marketing & Branding. He gives very detailed explanation of all the topics and will show you the step-by-step procedure to make sure you understand it. Thanks Abhijit, and more power to you!
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