When I was a student of 6th Standard in school, I heard a word “Passion“. Initially I thought might be the person make wrong pronunciation, wanted to say “Fashion“. After coming back home I asked my father, – what Passion is if there is any particular meaning of Passion or the person make a mistake in pronunciation. My father listen all of questions with lots of patience and then started laughing loudly. It was very embarrassing for me.

Giving Direction

But then he started explaining me “a intense desire for something”. So now I was thinking how to relate it with daily life or routine work. So I again I asked him “Father how can someone develop passion as work”. Till date I remember his answer “Having passion at work affords people purpose. Without purpose, people drift through life underachieving. Often, that sense of under or non-achievement can erode their sense of self-worth. Passion needn’t be about work, it may be a hobby, a sport, a social undertaking or about family are few example out of many“. 

So I started finding from the very next what I love to do? At that point of time my father told me something which is very interesting “Passion is fairly easy to identify . People with a passion for a subject might not discuss the subject often. However, once they do they’re going to do so with certainty, a tone and pace of voice that demands attention and visual communication which is positive and assertive. which will mean that in an environment where people are quiet and reserved the passionate person adopts a higher-pitched faster-paced voice. In an environment of noticeably excited speakers, the other is also true. The key observation is that on the subject about which they’re passionate, they strive to be noticed. The degree to which they strive to be noticed is typically out of sync with their usual behaviour“.

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