start investing for some extra income

How I started my first investment

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I was looking for some other source of Income, because I was taught that there should be multiple source of Income. During this time I was completely into Website Development and Digital Marketing as a free lancer. But working as a free-lancer was not enough to give me the freedom to do anything what I wanted to do.

During this time one of my friend suggested me to start investing. Now I was having two options whether I should invest in Forex or Share. Both the fields are very new to me, and to work properly I need to learn those things. So I started learning more details about Investment in Forex & Share Market.

Search & Research

Here I found that investment and working in Forex is more profitable but it comes with maximum risk. When I went more deep into this Forex Market I came to know that, investment in Forex in 100% calculative. Now a person like me driven by heart, it was not so easy to gain profit from Forex market. I came to know that most of the Forex trading platforms are providing trial account to practice.

That was the time when I was searching more and more to learn about Forex trade. I went through many online courses (paid & free), but most of them I found useless. Because those people whoever is publishing those course just wanted to make them self popular or was trying to get some money. After all my research I learn I need to test the chilly to find it out how hot it is.

The Beginning

So I decided to jump into the rived. But I don’t know how to swim, and that was a terrible mistake for me. So I lost my 1st investment, though it was very small (as I was started with only USD 10) within next couple of hours. Again next day I put another USD 10 and again I started. This time also I lost my investment but now my 2nd investment sustained for 10 working days and before loosing all I was able to gain USD 25 into the same.

Learning Process

gain I was searching for new courses, mentors who can teach me more about Forex Trading. So I started visiting various websites and YouTube Channels randomly. Now I started learning basic technical things about Money Market (Share / Forex). At the same time how to implement this technical knowledge into real life.

I found a new website name, and that was a turning point for me. Here I started learning more about What is Forex. It is completely free and within a span of 15 days I learn a lots of things here. Again I invested some money, and this time it was USD 100. Slowly I got into subject, and in next 6 months I recovered all my previous losses in terms of money and time.

Not a bed of Rose Petal

I never thought that it could be a bed of rose petal, I was expecting thorn also on my way. One fine morning I lost my access to Forex account. I contacted the service providers in Mumbai. They said “It is a server problem and in next 3/4 working days it will be fine” and then I lost everything. That time I had USD 500 as working capital. In the mean while I withdrawn USD 400 in total time to time.

Now, it was the time when I lost all my trust into Forex Market. But after a few month I recover and start my search to find out a better service better. I found I started working with FBS but this time I start working with only a investment of USD 10. This is almost now 4 years I am working with FBS, without facing any problem. Now I am really happy as I found a reliable service provider. FBS is into the market for more than a decade since their inception from 2009. If you are looking for a reliable and honest broker, consider FBS. You will be surprised how easy and comfortable trading on Forex can become.