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A Marketer by Profession, a Mentor by Passion, a Gardner by Hobby, and a Solo Biker by Choice. I love to share my knowledge, as well as help people build Personal Brands. 

Marketing Professional

To be an expert in any skill, spending 3 years is sufficient. I spent 22+ years in Marketing which means a lot. I am not a Master, but my experience and knowledge, which I earned through different challenges in different phases of my career.

Personal Brand Consultant

Tell your story, clarify the message, & post on social media. You have something to say, & others want to hear it. Higher social media following, is that all that you want? As a Personal Brand Consultant, I can help you curate the perfect strategy.

Social Media Growth Hacker

Social Media Consultancy is the old way to promote Personal Brand on Social Media. In this era, people are working with Growth Hacking Technology.

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